Neolithic Magic: Stone Age Storytelling Afternoon & Evening Performances

When is a house more than just a house? What makes a space a home?

Afternoon and evening performances available to celebrate the journey of building Butser’s Wyke Down House, join storyteller Jon Norman-Mason for a foray into the beliefs and myths of the past by the fire of our Little Woodbury roundhouse. Glimpse the world through the eyes and dreams of Wyke Down’s Neolithic builders – and, through later tales of gods, fairies and ageless magic, discover hints of a far-reaching society where a simple house and the sharing of a meal bound you to friends and family beyond space, time – even in the world of the dead.

Blending archaeological interpretation with myth and folklore, Jon picks through tales from across the centuries to help us imagine the beliefs of our Stone Age ancestors. From the chalk downs of Wessex to the shores of Orkney, these farmers and herders created some of prehistory’s most memorable and magnificent monuments – including Stonehenge, the Ring of Brodgar and the passage tombs of Ireland’s Boyne valley.

Step into their world, learn what archaeologists have discovered about Wyke Down, and share in legends of love, loss, community, belonging, and the ancestors ever-present in our daily lives!

Jon is a Brighton-based storyteller who loves to share tales about both times gone by and the modern day, blending fact and fantasy, from all over the world, for kids and grownups.

There will be a bar selling locally produced cider, mead and a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Hot drinks and snacks will also be available to be purchased from our shop.


12 Jul 2024


Also available - evening performance 7:00pm - 9:00pm
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm