Discover the Magic of February Half Term: Family Fun in Sussex

Discover the Magic of February Half Term: Family Fun in Sussex

Throughout the February half-term, Sussex is a playground of discovery and excitement for families. With an array of events designed to entertain, educate, and inspire, there’s no shortage of ways to create lasting memories with your loved ones. From close encounters with the animal kingdom to journeys back in time under the stars, and immersive nature explorations, Sussex offers a diverse range of activities. Here’s what’s on across Sussex during the February half-term for  families seeking adventure and fun:

Animal Encounters and Thrilling Rides

Make WILD memories on a zooper day out!

Experience the wild side of Sussex at Drusillas Zoo Park, where families can come nose-to-nose with over 80 species of animals. It’s not just about meeting the animals; it’s an immersive experience where children can learn through interactive exhibits and hands-on encounters. The adventure doesn’t stop there; with indoor and outdoor play areas, seven family-friendly rides, and the prehistoric giants that roam the park, there’s endless excitement. The SPARK sensory play experience adds another layer of engagement, offering a unique way to explore and understand the world. Book online to enjoy a 20% discount on park entrance, ensuring a day packed with fun at a great value.

A Journey Through Time and Space

Travel back in time to the age of ancient explorers at Butser Ancient Farm. This half term, embark on a stellar journey following the stars just as ancient voyagers did. The farm’s new family trail takes you through time, from Stone Age homes to Saxon halls, guided by the clues in the night sky. Celebrate the South Downs National Park Dark Skies Festival with talks on ancient astronomy, stories around the fire, and a chance to discover astronomy through ancient star maps and modern solar scopes. With metalworking demonstrations and hands-on activities, this event promises a blend of education, fun, and adventure, all included with your admission

Visit the South Downs Planetarium during half term for an exploration of our night skies and solar system during one of the daily shows.

Creative Outdoor Explorations

February Half-Term at Standen: Snug as a Bug

Dive into the world of bugs at Standen this half term. Join the effort to complete the garden’s bug hotels and unleash your creativity in the Woodland Den. This hands-on activity not only encourages children to interact with nature but also teaches the importance of ecosystems and habitats. Armed with a trail sheet and a ‘Snug as a Bug’ reusable bag, families can enjoy a scavenger hunt with a purpose, solving puzzles and completing spotter tasks along the way. It’s a muddy, fun-filled adventure that calls for wellies and outdoor attire, blending learning with play in the great outdoors.

February Half Term at Nymans: A Year Outdoors

Imagine a year packed with outdoor adventures and discoveries. National Trust Nymans invites families to do just that with a nature-based trail that fast-forwards through the seasons. From the crisp frosts of February to the rich hues of autumn leaves, this trail inspires families to explore the great outdoors throughout the year. With a trail sheet in hand, find 12 points in the garden to complete your nature calendar, planning a year filled with exploration and wonder. It’s a beautiful way to connect with nature and each other, fostering a love for the outdoors and the changing seasons.

Wild Safari Adventures and Eco Learning

GO WILD at Aldingbourne: A Safari Adventure

Step into the wild at Aldingbourne this half term for a safari-themed adventure. Bounce on safari-themed castles, embark on the Aldingbourne Express for a tour, and cuddle with guinea pigs or stroll with alpacas. It’s a day of exploration and learning, offering a glimpse into the animal kingdom and farm life. This hands-on experience is perfect for families looking to engage with animals and enjoy a variety of activities in one location.

Fishers Park Farm: ECO WARRIOR WEEK

Become an eco warrior at Fishers Park Farm, where environmental education meets fun. Join Eartha the Eco Warrior and Connie the Compost Kid in their quest to change Trevor the Trashbag’s ways. With junk-modelling sessions, theatre shows, and farm adventures, it’s a week of learning about sustainability and creativity. The farm also offers thrilling activities like the Sky Fall jump and animal encounters, ensuring that every family member finds something to enjoy.

Romantic Heights and Garden Tours

Valentine’s Day at Brighton i360

For the parents, take romance to new heights with a Valentine’s Day dinner on the Brighton i360 pod. Enjoy breathtaking views, a four-course meal, and a truly unique experience.

Daily Guided Tours of the Garden at Nymans Discover the beauty of Nymans’ garden with daily guided tours. Learn from expert guides and enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the gardens and woodlands.

Brighton i360 Sky Dining Valentine's Day

This February half term, Sussex invites families to embrace a world of adventure, learning, and discovery.  Find more great days out by exploring the Sussex Top Attractions you can visit and their events.


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